Picnic at Kamogawa riverside

On the last day of Silver Week, a long weekend in September in Japan, I went to Kamogawa River for a picnic.

The area where I visited is called Kamogawa Delta where Kamogawa River and Takano River meet and form a triangle landform.  For a picnic, I would recommend this area rather than other famous spots such as Shijo-Ohashi.  This Kamogawa delta is located at upper stream, so you will feel the river closer to you and enjoy the beautiful scenery there.

After having my homemade sandwiches which were made with Finnish breads and smoked salmon, I walked in the river a little bit.  The water was clear and cold.  I felt as if the stream was washing clean not only my feet but my mind…

Then I took a walk on the riverside for about 1 km to Marutamachi.  While fall seemed to have arrived, the sunlight was still strong enough to get suntan on my neck!

Anyway, it was nice to find these fun and refreshing places within Kyoto City on such a beautiful day.

Kamogawa River2