Alfons Mucha Exhibition @ The National Art Center, Tokyo

It was my first art time in a long while when I visited Alfons Mucha Exhibition  at the heart of Tokyo, Roppongi.

As you can see in the museum’s website, the canvases are huge. The biggest one is more than 6 by 8 meters!  I was almost overwhelmed when I saw them in person.

What Mucha drew in those big art pieces was “the Slavic history, a sense of unity among Slavic people, and hopes of creating an independent Slavic nation.” (From the official webisite)


While Mucha’s signature soft colors are used in the paintings, they give strong message of hardships and hopes which Slavic people experienced in their history.

This exhibition will be held till Mon., June 5th.
Since time goes by so fast, I would recommend to mark your schedule now if you want to see it.